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      Education Innovation for Future Wellbeing

      The Innovative Method of Chinese Education in the 21st Century


      Missions,Visions ,Value

      New Education Idea

      For everyone and for everything Teach students things valuable for their entire lives.
      Obsolutely believe in the teaching and learning potentials of teachers and students.
      Emphasize on mental wellbeing and promote experiences of success.
      Emphasize on development of individual characteristics and customized education.
      Enable teachers and students to communicate with the noble minds of human beings.


      Education Innovation for Future Wellbeing


      Become the icon for the new Chinese all around education, become a new education research initiative that rooted in China.
      Change the way teachers teach, the way students learn, the way schools develop and the way research was conducted.


      Persistent idealism, belief in down-to-earth approaches, active attitude towards collaboration, compassion for the common good.

      New Education Actions

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      • Create school environments that promote reading, proactive and creative learning.
      • Let the teachers and students to write together about their teaching and learning experience.
      • Let the students learn useful things not only from the text books but also from what happened outside of the text books .
      • Cultivate excellent eloquence.
      • Create an ideal classroom
      • Build a digital community.
      • Organize and promote one educational activity each month.
      • Create perfect learning environment.
      • Develop outstanding curriculum
      • Form collaboratively education system between schools and families.

      The Milestones of New Education Initiative



      New Education Initiative received a ‘National Special Award for Education Reform and Innovation’ from China Education News.


      The Provincial Government of Jiangsu gave the ‘Special Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement in Basic Education of Jiangsu Province’ to New Education Initiative.


      Netease Education awarded the ‘Golden Wing’ Award to New Education Initiative for the best education innovation team.


      New Education Initiative won the First Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Basic Education awarded by the Ministry of Education.


      New Education Initiative won the “SERVE Award”; the highest award of the Fifth China Education Innovation Exposition held by Beijing Normal University.

      in the World

      New Education initiative in the World.


      In 2006, a professor from Gakushuin University of Japan visited Kunshan Yufeng Experimental School to investigate the New Education Initiative.


      In 2008, the Oriental Publishing House in Japan published ‘The Thriving Educational Reformation in China’, with a special chapter introducing New Educational Initiative .


      In 2009, the South Korean government's “Brain Korea” project invited Zhu Yongxin to teach the New Education at Jeonbuk University.


      In 2010, Professor Zhu Yongxin, the founder of the New Education Initiative, gave keynote speech at the 6th Cambridge


      In 2016, Zhu Yongxin was invited to present the New Education Initiative at the China Education Forum at Harvard University.


      In 2017, the Ministry of Education of Mongolia sent 50 principal teachers to receive training at the New Education Teacher Development Institute.


      From 2012 to 2019, 20 works of Zhu Yongxin, the founder of the New Education Initiative, were translated into 26 languages.

      New Education Data

      New Education Initiative has held 19 National New Education conferences with 21,500 participants. NEI has held 11 initiative area meetings with more than 5,000 participants and 9 New Education International Summits with over 7,900 people taking part. In addition, it has organized over 6,000 charitable activities, attracting more than 8 million parents and children. Besides, it has published more than 420 books, 3 journals and 99 issues of newspapers. Over 720 Model Teachers, Excellent Curriculum, Perfect Classrooms and 1000 New Education Initiative Schools have been praised. Furthermore, various media have reported on the New Education Initiative more than 300 times.

      The Founder of New Education Initiative

      Yongxin Zhu

      Zhu Yongxin is a professor and doctoral supervisor at Suzhou University, a part-time professor at Peking University, Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Tongji University etc., the vice president of China’s Education Policy Research Institute, the vice chairman of the central committee of Democratic Progressive Party, and the deputy secretary general of the CPPCC. He has written more than 40 books, including ‘Zhu Yongxin’s Educational Works’, ‘To Teachers’, and ‘Future School’. He has also edited more than 30 works of literature such as ‘New Century Education Library’, and ‘New Education Library’, and has written over 200 articles on New Education. He has presided over 11 projects entrusted by UNESCO, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Science Foundation of China。 Refined from the New Education Initiative, more than 30 policy proposals have been proposed by him, and more than 10 of which have been adopted, influencing the national educational decisions. He has given more than 1,500 lectures to 450,000 direct audiences and over 200 million live audiences. He has been repeatedly honored as the “Contemporary Education Master”, “China’s Top 10 Education Talents”, “China’s Top 10 Education Figures” and so on.

      Comments on New Education Initiative

      The conclusion of evaluation by Dataway Horizon
      (1) General Effect: 90% of the teachers, Parents and Students Gives a Compliment to the NEI.
      (2) The Improvement of Students’ Abilities: Reading and Communication Abilities Have Improved Most.
      (3) A Sense of Accomplishment in Teachers: More than 90% of Teachers Have Benefited from the NEI Curriculum Training.
      (4) Innovation: Innovation Made by the NEI Earns High Recognition, in terms of Education Idea and Education Mode.
      (5) Future-oriented: the NEI Helps to Enhance Teachers' Sense of Professional Identity and Achievement.
      (6) A breakthrough: the NEI Helps Rural Areas Find a Way out of the Exam-oriented Dilemma.
      (7) School-family Cooperation: the Cooperation Shows Effective Results, the Ways of Communication are Optimized Continuously.
      (8) Replicability: Teachers and Parents Highly Recommend the NEI, and the NEI is Worthy of Promotion.
      (9) Sustainability: New Contents, New Technologies, New Teachers, and New Resources Need to be Paid Attention in the Future.
      Click here to download the NEI evaluation report

      Professor Zhu visits over 100 schools every year and devotes a large amount of time and energy to transforming education in China from a pedantic and old-fashioned Confucian education mode, which is rigid and only stresses memorization, into a comprehensive and flexible mode in order to adapt to the changing world at present. ——Alan Macfarlane, Professor of Social Anthropology, Cambridge University,Academician of British Academy and Academia Europaea

      The New Education Initiative is conducting education innovation and can solve the problems that we are faced with in the 21th century.
      ——Manabu Sato, Former Professor of Education Department, University of Tokyo, Japan

      The New Education Initiative has promoted the research of Chinese education. It is like a catfish that will certainly stir up the Chinese education!
      ——Tao Xiping, member of China National Education Advisory Committee and National General Advisor of Education

      With reading at its core and its starting point, Zhu Yongxin and his New Education Initiative inspires and unites the majority of educators and parents, and profoundly affects the education reform and development of China, the largest developing country in the world. It greatly promotes the transformation of China's education, from a test-oriented education to one that focuses on personal growth. Due to the diversity of China's development, the success of the New Education Initiative also provides a duplicable reference for other countries of the world, especially the vast number of developing countries and regions, to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, to solve the problems of education, and to achieve great-leap forward developments and common development.
      --Zhang Mingzhou, Chairman of the International Board On Books for Young People (IBBY)

      Professor Zhu Yongxin is my idol in the field of education and the mentor of my life. His "New Education" principles have changed me and other teachers, and it has also changed many educational institutions that I worked for and students that I taught, so that we can rely on ideals and passions, and on pursuit of education to start the actual action of "New Education Initiative".
      ---- Jiang Yaying, Principal of Jiangsu Province, Principal of Qingying Foreign Language School

      I learned about New Education Initiative at the age of 50. It not only eliminated my job burnout, it made me passionate about reading more, and being more rational and effective with my readings. What's more important is that I can soberly pursue the meaning of life. I am 62 years old this year, and I have become a trainer for New Education Initiative. Looking at young teachers who have changed as a result of New Education Initiative, I also know that I cannot slow down.
      ——Guo Mingxiao, teacher of Renmin Road Primary School, Yibin City, Sichuan Province

      When she made achievements in education in the past, she was just happy, sometimes tired, but never had the real sense of happiness until she met New Education Initiative.
      —Wang Lina, Primary School Teacher, Workers Village, Macun District, Jiaozuo City

      How to be a better parent? I also followed the New Education Initiative through a process of learning and being changed for the better. Sometimes it feels that the essence of the New Education Initiative not only penetrates into every cell of the students, but also affects and changes every parent through each student. From students to parents, the interest in reading is like a fire of stars that is ignited by the teacher unconsciously.
      ——Mother of Yang Chen from Class 4, Grade 2, No. 1 Experimental Primary School, Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province

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